Diffusion PNCG – n° 222 – 13 octobre 2021

1. THIS WEEK: 5ième colloque national Dark Energy (13-14 octobre, IHP, Paris)
2. Colloque National CMB-France #2 (5-16 novembre, IAP, Paris)
3. IAU PhD prize
4. Two postdoctoral positions in observational cosmology (Aix Marseille Université / CPPM)
5. Professorship in Computational Physics with Focus on Theoretical Astrophysics (Heidelberg University)
6. Postdoctoral Position on Milky Way Evolution and abundance analysis in the WEAVE era (OCA, France)
7. Postdoctoral Associate at Cornell Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science (Cornell University)
8. Post-doc position at the INAF-OAA in Arcetri (Florence)

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1. THIS WEEK: 5ième colloque national Dark Energy (13-14 octobre, IHP, Paris)

Comme annoncé le cinquième colloque national se tiendra à l’IHP à Paris les 13 et 14  octobre :

Comme les années précédentes, au delà d’un certain nombre de thématiques identifiées qui feront l’objet de présentations, un temps significatif sera consacré à des présentations sur les travaux récents pour lesquels vous êtes invités à soumettre vos propositions.

Les missions pourront être financées, en particulier pour les participants effectuant une présentation et pour les jeunes chercheurs.

Le colloque est gratuit. La participation à ces journées est ouverte à tous mais l’inscription sur le site est obligatoire (avant le 3 octobre). La capacité d’accueil actuelle est  à 150 personnes en présentiel.  Nous avons eu la confirmation que le passe sanitaire est  obligatoire et l’IHP demande aux organisateurs de se charger de son contrôle.

Vous pouvez aussi inviter ceux intéressés à rejoindre la liste de diffusion: 

Un atelier de 2 1/2 journées est organisé le 15 sur deux thématiques (gravité modifiée, neutrinos massifs), une annonce spécifique suivra.

transmis par A. Blanchard

2. Colloque National CMB-France #2 (5-16 novembre, IAP, Paris)

Le deuxième workshop CMB-France aura lieu les 15-16 novembre à l’IAP (en présentiel):

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes sur le site indico.Nous attendons vos propositions de contribution pour finaliser l’agenda (avant le 1er Novembre 2021)

L’idée est de poursuivre sur le même thème que le colloque en juin:
– présenter les nouveautés scientifiques et les nouveaux résultats dans le domaine
– permettre aux jeunes (post-doc, PhD) et aux moins jeunes de présenter leur travail
plus une après-midi dédiée spécifiquement aux distortions spectrales (présentation des projets et discussion de le science associée).

transmis par M. Tristram & F. Bouchet

3. IAU PhD prize

Deadline: 15 December 2021

The IAU PhD Prize recognises outstanding scientific achievement in astrophysics around the world. Each IAU Division has, once a year, the opportunity to award its own prize to the candidate it feels has carried out the most remarkable work in the previous year (i.e. a PhD Thesis which has been defended between the 16 December in the previous year, and 15 December this year). Theses which are in preparation or submitted, but not yet defended by the deadline of a given year will have to be submitted the following year.

The recipient of each award receives a range of prizes, tailored by each Division at their own discretion. A standard prize includes airfare and accommodation to attend the next IAU General Assembly where certificates will be awarded. Other prizes might include the opportunity to present their thesis work at Division Days, an invitation to attend presentations to the IAU Executive Committee meeting and dinner at the General Assembly, and the possibility of presenting a talk at either a plenary or special session.

Candidates are required to submit: an abstract of their thesis that is suitable for public consumption; a 1500-word thesis summary; three letters of recommendation (including one from the PhD advisor); and a CV. The winner of each Division will be decided by the Division’s own standards and methods — guided by the Division Steering Committee — and possibly with corroborating external consultation or additional letters of recommendation.

The IAU PhD Prize is open to candidates from any country, regardless of whether the country has an IAU National Membership. On top of this, a separate prize is available to be awarded to applicants from developing countries (defined as those not in the OECD).

The deadline for all applications is 15 December every year, to include all applications since the previous year’s deadline. The application form is available here: https://www.iau.org/submissions/phd-prize/

Please note that the deadline is at 11:59 PM in the IAU office in Paris, France (GMT+1).

transmis par D. Burgarella

4. Two postdoctoral positions in observational cosmology (Aix Marseille Université / CPPM)

Application deadline: 31 October 2021

The Aix-Marseille Initiative of Excellence of the A*Midex university foundation is funding two postdoctoral positions at the Centre de Physique de Particules de Marseille (CPPM Lab) for a duration of two years (+ one-year extension possible) in the topic of observational cosmology. These positions are funded in the context of the DARKUNI project (P.I. Julian Bautista) which overall goal is to learn about the dark sector of the Universe from observations of the large-scale structures. We aim to measure the growth-rate of structures from a joint analysis of redshift-space distortions and peculiar velocities. The CPPM is active member of spectroscopic surveys DESI and Euclid and photometric surveys ZTF and Rubin-LSST.

More information on:

Transmis par J. Bautista

5. Professorship in Computational Physics with Focus on Theoretical Astrophysics (Heidelberg University)
Deadline: November 15, 2021

We would like to bring the new professorship at Heidelberg University in computational physics with focus on theoretical astrophysics to your attention. It has been established in the context of the Cluster of Excellence STRUCTURES and is available permanently. The professorship is based at the Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics within the Center for Astronomy at Heidelberg University.

Link to the AAS Job Register: https://jobregister.aas.org/ad/c3b241b6
transmis par R. Klessen

6. Postdoctoral Position on Milky Way Evolution and abundance analysis in the WEAVE era (OCA, France)

deadline: November 15th 2021

Understanding the Milky Way implies having precise and accurate chemical abundances, ages and stellar orbits. These allow to identify unique stellar formation sites and scale appropriately the star formation histories from the different regions of the disc and from the accreted components. The synergy between the Gaia space satellite and the ground-based spectroscopic survey WEAVE will give access, for the first time, to more than 30 tracers of the past of our Galaxy for a million stars of the extended Solar neighbourhood, and to a dozen of tracers for another two million stars outside of it.

We are seeking candidates with an expertise in Galactic evolution, the Milky-Way, and/or abundance determination (expertise in machine learning techniques would be an asset), to work on the creation of a homogeneous chemical catalogue of WEAVE, based on the information coming from the different Contributed Data Products of the project, and on the interpretation of this catalogue in the context of galactic archaeology (e.g. characterise the properties of the in-situ galactic disc and the accreted populations). This work will be performed in close collaboration with Georges Kordopatis and Vanessa Hill as well as colleagues from Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur, Observatoire de Paris (GEPI) and Observatoire de Strasbourg.

Applications should be sent to georges.kordopatis@oca.eu
Position is expected to begin at the earliest in January 2022 and no later than June 2022 for a duration of three years.

Additional information: 
transmis par G. Kordopatis

7. Postdoctoral Associate at  Cornell Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science (Cornell University)

deadline: November 30, 2021

Cornell University expects to have an opening for a Postdoctoral Associate in numerical relativity starting in September, 2022. The position requires a Ph.D. and experience in numerical relativity or computational physics.  The position is for one year, with subsequent renewals depending on performance and the availability of funds.

The Cornell Relativity Group consists of Saul Teukolsky and Eanna Flanagan, senior research associate Larry Kidder and research associates Mike Boyle, Matt Giesler, and Will Throwe.
There will also be opportunities to interact with the Theoretical Astrophysics Group, including Rachel Bean,David Chernoff, Dong Lai, and Ira Wasserman.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, a CV (including list of publications) and a brief (1-3 pages) description of research interests, and should arrange three letters of reference to be submitted through Academic Jobs Online at https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/19858

All materials should be received by November 30, 2021.

Diversity and inclusion have been and continue to be a part of our heritage. Cornell University is a recognized EEO/AA employer and educator.
transmis par V. Pettorino

8. Post-doc position at the INAF-OAA in Arcetri (Florence)

deadline: Oct. 24, 2021
We are opening a post-doc position at the INAF-OAA in Arcetri (Florence). The successful candidate will work on topics related to galactic and extragalactic star formation, using the new W-band multi-beam receiver to be installed at SRT, possibly in synergy with ALMA.

The position, for 12 months renewable, is titled “Sfruttamento scientifico di SRT ad altissima frequenza e sinergie con ALMA”, as part of the project “CIR01_00010 – Potenziamento del Sardinia Radio Telescope per lo studio dell’Universo alle alte frequenze radio – rafforzamento del capitale umano”

More information, and the instructions on how to apply can be found at:

transmis par G. Comoretto

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