Diffusion PNCG – n° 188 – 15 avril 2020

1. ESO-ESA workshop “Galaxy evolution: from cosmic dawn to the Milky Way with the ESA Euclid mission and ESO telescopes” (21-24 September 2020, ESAC, Madrid)

2. Atelier Amas France (19-20 mai 2020, Observatoire de Paris) ANNULATION

3. Cosmology PhD fellowship in Oslo

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1. ESO-ESA workshop “Galaxy evolution: from cosmic dawn to the Milky Way with the ESA Euclid mission and ESO telescopes” (21-24 September 2020, ESAC, Madrid)

We would like to bring to your attention the ESO-ESA conference on

planned for September 21-24 at the ESAC premises, near Madrid. With the launch of Euclid scheduled for mid-2022 and given the tremendous opportunities it presents for studying galaxies at all redshifts, this workshop will be a good opportunity to review synergies between Euclid and other space and ground-based facilities, and to discuss plans for exploiting them.

The workshop is organised around three themes:

  • High-redshift objects in the wide-and deep Euclid surveys
  • Evolution of galaxies and their nuclear black holes at intermediate redshifts
  • Galaxies in the local universe

For each theme keynote speakers have been identified, and we now invite those interested to register as well as propose contributed papers to the SOC.
There is no registration fee.

Given the current situation with the covid-19 pandemic we cannot guarantee that the workshop will go ahead as planned, but for now we are planning for an in-person workshop. The organisers will continue to monitor the situation and will decide in due course whether the workshop can go ahead in this format, be postponed or converted into a virtual meeting. A final decision will be taken end of May or early June.

At this time, we therefore encourage interested speakers and participants to register and submit abstracts (deadline 15 July 2020). More details are available on the website https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/euclid-galaxy-evolution-2020

transmis par J-G Cuby, C. Scarlatti, S. Toft, K. Kuijken (SOC)

2. Atelier Amas France (19-20 mai 2020, Observatoire de Paris)ANNULATION

En raison de la pandémie de covid19, l’atelier Amas France prévu le 19 et 20 Mai prochains à la Salle du Conseil de l’Observatoire de Paris est annulé et reporté à une date ultérieure.


Nous organisons un atelier autour des amas de galaxies. Les groupes français sont à la pointe de la recherche dans ce domaine et contribuent significativement à la réalisation des futurs projets observationnels dédiés aux amas. Le but de cet événement est de rassembler la communauté française pour une réunion de deux jours afin de présenter les résultats de pointe sur la modélisation, les observations et les simulations d’amas de galaxies. Cette première rencontre permettra d’avoir une vision d’ensemble des recherches menées par les différents groupes et vise à faciliter les échanges ainsi que le développement des collaborations au-delà des limites des consortia existantes.
transmis par Pier-Stefano Corasaniti

3. Cosmology PhD fellowship in Oslo
The CMB&CO analysis group in Oslo is currently looking for a new PhD student.

The current position is supported by two EU-funded projects called BeyondPlanck (Horizon 2020) and bits2cosmology (ERC Consolidator Grant). These projects aim to perform end-to-end analysis of current and future CMB experiments, including Planck LFI, SPIDER, WMAP and LiteBIRD, and develop the world’s first end-to-end time-domain Gibbs sampler, as implemented in the Commander CMB sampler. The candidate will be trained in both low-level CMB time-ordered data processing and high-level component separation and CMB analysis and in the interactions between the two, and be actively involved in the full process from raw uncalibrated data to final CMB maps and power spectra. Overall, this training aims to provide a solid foundation for a future career in cosmological data analysis.

For more information regarding BeyondPlanck and Commander, please see:



The application deadline is May 8th 2020. More information, including the mandatory electronic application form, can be found here:

transmis par H. K. Eriksen

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